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Selasa, 10 April 2012

Verona Purple Savoy Cabbage


Sold Out.
Rare vegetable seeds.
RM3.00 a packet contain >30seeds.
Order and payment by bank deposit CIMB or RHB.

Postage cost for order less than 15 packet of seeds of any RM3 packet seeds is fixed RM5.00.
Order more than 15 packet of seeds of any RM3 packet seeds, postage is free.

Sebarang kemusykilan, jangan segan bertanya.

Savoy~ A cabbage of hardy variety with densely wrinkled leaves.
Sweet tasting savoy cabbage.
Rare and attractive cabbage.
It is almost not available in your local market.
Heat-tolerant cabbage.
A well-established Verona purple savoy cabbage can withstand more than 40 degree Celsius for few days.
Preferably succession sowing.
Avoid sowing seeds on dry hot season.
Love rich fertile soil to ensure big cabbage head.
50cm spacing between plant.

Verona Purple Savoy Cabbage Seedlings.

Purple veins on the cabbage leaves.

100% Organic and neglected grown cabbage.

Cabbage forming head.

6 ulasan:

mat jon berkata...

memang rare la kobis ni.. pertama kali tengok kobis jenis ni..kelihatan eksotik pulak macam zaman dinosaur ;)

TukangKebun berkata...

Mat Jon~Saya gemar makan kubis jenis savoy lagi sebab rasa lebih manis dari yang biasa tu. zaman dinosaur.

mat jon berkata...

jika ada saya nak order, kalau takde saya book dulu 3 pek, boleh kan..

TukangKebun berkata...

Kalau ada rezekinya ;agi Mat Jon tak pasti.

Carlz Jafran berkata...

dah tak der ke jual benih kobis jenis ni? klu ada nak order gak.

TukangKebun berkata...

Carlz Jafran,

benih kubis jenis ini dah out of stock.