No F1 Hybrids / GMO seeds here. Only seeds from natural selection.

We are a bunch of passionate open-pollinated heirloom seed savers.

If you have heirloom seeds and worried it will be gone for future generation, we will be happy to add into our seed bank, grow and give it a comeback.

Save Heirloom Seeds for our children.

All of our plants are only feed with animal manure and compost. No synthetic fertiliser or chemicals used.

Be kind to our environment as we are sharing with other living things created by God.

Our ancestors live a healthy life without artificially man-made poison. Big NO to pesticide.

Plants on our kebun are organically grown, only kisses by us, rain and other living things.

Any form of gardening patience is the virtue.

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Small Sugar Pumpkin

~Rare Organic Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds~

Suitable for gardener with small garden.
~about 16 weeks from sowing for first harvest.
Fruit average diameter size about 20cm.
If cured well, pumpkin can keep well at least 4 months in dry airy places.

The small sugar pumpkin flesh.

The pumpkin female flower.

Pumpkin growing bigger still immature with green skin.

Make sure to leave a long stalk on the ripe pumpkin when harvesting.
So it will store well for several months.
Cure the pumpkin before storing it on a dry place.
We usually put it beside a sunny window for several days or weeks.

Sold Out (New seeds available end of the year).
RM3.00 a packet contain 15 seeds.

Postage cost for order less than 15 packet of seeds of any RM3 packet seeds is fixed RM5.00.
Order more than 15 packet of seeds of any RM3 packet seeds, postage is free.

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