No F1 Hybrids / GMO seeds here. Only seeds from natural selection.

We are a bunch of passionate open-pollinated heirloom seed savers.

If you have heirloom seeds and worried it will be gone for future generation, we will be happy to add into our seed bank, grow and give it a comeback.

Save Heirloom Seeds for our children.

All of our plants are only feed with animal manure and compost. No synthetic fertiliser or chemicals used.

Be kind to our environment as we are sharing with other living things created by God.

Our ancestors live a healthy life without artificially man-made poison. Big NO to pesticide.

Plants on our kebun are organically grown, only kisses by us, rain and other living things.

Any form of gardening patience is the virtue.

Bunga Warna Kuning

 Antara tanaman yang berbunga warna kuning dibekalkan oleh Kebun Bahagia Bersama. Klik pada nama tanaman untuk penerangan lanjut.

Kemboja Bali Kuning Wangi  <Frangipani yellow white picotee Balinese>( 1 keratan RM10.00) 

Bendi Mammoth Spineless (15 biji benih RM3.00)

Pinto Peanut (Arachis Pintoi) <  1 pot RM4.00 >

Yellow Walking Iris ( 1 pot RM9.00)

Kacang Tanah ( Anggaran 20 biji benih 1 pek RM3.00)

Sunflower Dwarf Teddy Bear (Anggaran 20 biji benih 1pek RM3.00)

Durian Belanda (Soursop/Graviola) (1 pot RM5.00 )

Lemon Ginger (Monocostus uniflorus) <1 pot RM8.00>

Mickey Mouse plant <Ochna Kirkii> (1 pot RM10.00)

 Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke/Jerusalem Artichoke /Earth Apple) <1 pot RM10.00>

Canna gaula (Tumbuhan aquatik) <1 pot RM15.00>

Bulbophyllum vaginatum (orchid) <1plant/leaf RM15.00>

Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides)<1pot RM10.00>

Pecah Kaca / Pecah Beling (Strobilanthes crispus)<1 pot for RM5.00>

Golden Shower Orchid/ Dancing Lady Orchid (2 moist bare-rooted plant RM5.00)

13 ulasan:

Unknown berkata...

cam na sya nk order bunga kenboja bali kaler kuning?

TukangKebun berkata...

Dear CT Wawa boleh email ( untuk butiran lanjut.

Unknown berkata...

bunga matahari jenis mammoth ada tak?

Unknown berkata...

bunga matahari jenis mammoth ada jual tak?

TukangKebun berkata...

Nero the Caster, mammoth at the moment tiada stock.

Unknown berkata...

bunga matahari jenis mammoth, ada stock tak sekarang?

Awanama berkata...

bunga matahari jenis mammoth, ada stock tak sekarang?

TukangKebun berkata...

Salam Bahagia Azrie Ahmad,

Mammoth sunflower takde stock ada Teddy je at the moment.
Kalau bendi mammoth ada.

oWeLL EmPiN berkata...

Macam mana nak order? Saya berminat dgn sunflower dwarf teddy

TukangKebun berkata...

Salam Bahagia Owell Empin,

Sunflower dwarf teddy kami tiada stok.
Tapi jenis sunflower lain ada stock.

Unknown berkata...

Jerusalem artichoke ada stok?

Unknown berkata...

Benih calendula masih ada?

TukangKebun berkata...

Salam Bahagia,

Benih calendula ada stok.
Jerusalem artichoke tiada stok.