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Any form of gardening patience is the virtue.

Isnin, 20 Februari 2017

Zinnia Seed Selection

Bulan Februari 2017 ini ada beberapa jenis pilihan biji benih pokok bunga zinnia.
Zinnia Zahara Double Duo Mixed Original Packaging (Approximate 20 seeds/RM15.00)

Zinnia lilliput mixed (Approximate 25seeds/RM3.00)
Further info (click here)

Zinnia Peppermint Stick<Zinnia elegans>Original Packaging (Approximate 50 seeds/RM15.00)
Further info (Click Here)

  Zinnia Candy Mixed (Zinnia elegans) Original Packaging (Approximate 30seeds/RM15)

 Zinnia Mexican Original Packaging<Zinnia haageana>(Seed total volume 2ml/RM15)

Zinnia Whirlygig Mixed (Zinnia haageana) Original Packaging (Approximate 50seeds/RM15)

Zinnia Cactus Mixed (Seed total volume 2.5ml/RM15)
Further Info (Click Here).

2 ulasan:

Kakzakie Purvit berkata...

Aduhai kakak pandang ajelah Dee
Kakak ni sejak Maybank belakang rumah pindah jauh susah nak online
Berbulan dah kakak ni kalau ternampak apa-apa just tengok terliur ajelah huhu..

Yg dwi-colour tu akak terpikat betul.

Normala Saad berkata...

Amboi...cantik2nya zinnia...Try banyak kali kali juga tanam zinnia yg pelbagai jenis ni. Cuma 3 jenis je hidup dan berbunga.