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Rabu, 18 Disember 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Mary Washington Spears Seducing

4 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...


Wah.. cantik. Satu crown je ke ni? Saya ada beli pokok asparagus, 5 crowns. Then, saya terus pindah ke pasu and tak separate the crown, sbb takut nak meddle too much with the seedlings. Err.. salah ke?
And ada ke beza yg ketara antara jenis2 asparagus (mary Washington, colossal etc.). Yg

Sean L berkata...

They are growing well. Mesti best dapat harvest own asparagus nanti, sebab yang fresh lebih manis.

TukangKebun berkata...

Ini satu crown sahaja. One crown need some space to grow can be very bushy as they grow. Better separate 5 crown to an individual big pot will get overcrowded.
Don't have much experience in growing asparagus yet. But in different garden some variety must do much better than the others in term of easy grown, flavour, pest resistant, ect. So it is always better to grow a wide variety of asparagus unless you are sure which is best work for you.

TukangKebun berkata...

Fun to grow them Sean more economical tumbuh sendiri because harga mahal kat Malaysia ni.